m_moriabc names a threefold collection of thirtythree shoe_objects with A_B_C_ gathering eleven pieces each/ above the collection stands a matrix shoe_object which brings the cvlmination of the research to its origin/ wherefrom springs the set of thirtythree/ a principle takes the path to be fathomed/ the end reveals the origin/ matter comes first/ matter is a monster/ and matter will only respond to a logic only vncommon craftmen do master/ to order matter one mvst serve it/ this is the logic/ svch logic intends to bvild a shape/ the shape is a crossroad where an idea meets a matter/ if idea was the origin only at the end can it be disclosed/ the thirtythree shoe_objects are a family divided in three genres A_B_C_ each shoe_object is a specie/ circle is the symbol of A/ its elementary material wovld be wood/ sqvare is the symbol of B/ its elementary material wovld be iron/ triangle is the symbol of C/ its elementary material wovld be alvminivm/ each genre A_B_C_ wanders in and is informed by a dedicated chariot which has been shaped according to its symbol and bvilt in its elementary element/ all patterns are and each shoe_object is hand stitched lasted and bvilt to the sole hand hammered and nailed and hand finished vntil the linings/ leather is cordovan/ soles are made of oak bark tanned hides or latex and coconvt fiber/ all matters were tested and enhanced along years of research